Tech discounts to help college students face back-to-school costs

(KAIT/NBC) - Students heading to college will spend an average of $1,000 on "back to school" shopping.

The expenses can be daunting, but in many cases, a student ID can double as a discount card.

Tech retailers, device manufacturers, software makers, wireless carriers, even news and music subscriptions all offer lower rates to students.

Get last-minute buys shipped straight to the dorm with Amazon Prime Student.

The first six months are free, and it's half off the standard rate after that, with added perks for textbook buying and trading.

Consumer Report's Chris Raymond says to wait until Black Friday to buy big ticket items.

That's when prices will dip the lowest on TVs, laptops, and smartphones.

"You get the added advantage of getting your feet on the ground and getting some recommendations from real students," Raymond says.

There may be exclusive university discounts as well.

Generally, you can find those and device recommendations on the school's IT page.

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