Election commission makes changes ahead of November election

Updated: Aug. 27, 2018 at 4:17 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Important Election Day changes were finalized Monday at the Craighead County Election Commission meeting.

The committee finalized all the polling centers in the county ahead of the November 6th Election Day.

Craighead County will house 21 polling centers instead of polling sites.

"There are going to be nine in Jonesboro and 12 around the county," said Jennifer Clack, the Craighead County election coordinator said.

This voting season will be different than in years past and more convenient for voters.

"Now we can program every machine with the entire county, so you can go wherever you want to vote," said Clack. "If you live in Lake City but you're in Jonesboro, you can vote in Jonesboro and vice versa."

Below is a list of the updated polling centers. Some locations have changed.

  • Arkansas State University Alumni Center
  • Allen Park Community Center, 3609 Race Street, Jonesboro
  • Bay Community Center, 305 Cherry Street, Bay
  • Black Oak City Hall
  • Bono Community Center
  • Brookland City Hall, 613 Holman, Brookland
  • Caraway City Hall, 102 E. State Street, Caraway
  • Cash City Hall, 4391 Hwy 18
  • Earl Bell Community Center, 1212 S. Church St., Jonesboro
  • Egypt City Hall, Hwy 91
  • Forest Home Church, 2403 Ritter Drive, Jonesboro
  • Greensboro Community Center, 4829 Hwy 351, Jonesboro
  • Lake City City Hall, 406 Court Street
  • Lester Fire Department, 3978 Hwy 135, Lake City
  • Monette Legion Hut, 209 E. Drew Street
  • Nettleton Baptist Church, 7001 Johnson Avenue, Jonesboro
  • Parker Park Community Center, 1522 N. Church Street, Jonesboro
  • Philadelphia Fire Station, 106 County Road 709, Jonesboro
  • Southridge Fire Department, 2358 Hwy 163 South, Jonesboro
  • Valley View Church of Christ, 4500 Southwest Drive, Jonesboro
  • Walnut Street Baptist Church, 1910 Scenic Road, Jonesboro

The Bay Community Center, Brookland City Hall, Lake City City Hall, and the Bono Community Center will serve as early voting sites along with the Craighead County Election Annex.

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