Son Kills Father Leaving Family Wondering Why

November 28, 2005--Posted at 11:40 PM CST

McCRORY, AR--16-year old Michael Little shot his father, Michael Cox with a high powered rifle on Thanksgiving Day killing him. The teen placed his fathers body in the back of a truck, drove around for hours then dumped it in a field. His actions stripped the town of McCrory of one of it's best citizens and left a family wondering how could such a good man be turned on by his own son.

Michael Little appeared like any other teenage boy. But the Michael you would see one minute would drastically change the next. Murdering his father was the pinnacle of a downward spiral in the teens life. Little had a history of bad behavior and he knew it. He had stolen a vehicle, numerous A.T.V.'s, and destroyed property.

And as a father does, Michael Cox tried to help his son taking him to therapy, even sending to Memphis to spend a week with a physiatrist.

"We couldn't stop him. We tried. We worked hard for that kid. We tried. We could not," said Tina Cox, the widow of Michael Cox.

She watched "Little Michael", as he was known within the family, grow up. Now, she wonders how such a loving father could be turned on by his son.

Tina Cox said, "He was a good man and a Christian man. And all he did was love that boy and try. He could not give up on him because he knew he would go wild. He would not let him go."

Tina knew how hard Michael tried for his son and so did his close friends.

Jesten Reynolds, Coxs' banker, said, "He would have done anything to save that child from something bad down the road. I really do believe that."

Jerry Kindrex, longtime friend of Cox, said, "He loved him very much, he loved his whole family a bunch. He was a loving type of person."

Bernice Crumley, another longtime friend, said, "He was a great guy, a good father and a good husband and he was religious and this should have never happened."

Doyle Fowler is the Mayor of McCrory. Michael worked for the Mayor and his city.

"Mike sacrificed his life trying to help Michael because he just had high hopes that he would get his life straightened out. This is just so difficult for us to understand because there is no answer as to why this happened. There is just no answer. Probably will never know," said Fowler.

And even though her husband is dead and her step son sits behind bars for his murder, Tina Cox forgives.

"I have already forgiven him because Mike would forgive him. My husband forgave him the moment that it happened and I expect everyone in the world to forgive him," said Cox.

Michael Little was charged with First-Degree murder Monday afternoon. He will be tried as an adult.