Couple Arrested for Murder in Sharp County

January 4, 2006 -- Posted at 4:46 p.m. CST


CAVE CITY, AR -- A Cave City man is dead and two people are in custody.  Stephen Furr was found dead at his home on Monday night by his ex-wife and their children. 


Sharp County Sheriff Dale Weaver says the body of 38-year-old Stephen Furr is at the state crime lab where an autopsy is being conducted.


“We're going to depend on the autopsy report to confirm that but that's... it's what it appeared to be.  Multiple stab wounds,” said Weaver.


Waver says he believes Furr was killed sometime Monday.


“We found out that he had been in the company of a couple earlier that morning,” said Weaver.


Furr was last seen early Monday morning with a couple identified as Leslie and William Young formerly of Batesville.  The couple is now being held in Sharp County


“They are under arrest for the murder of Stephen Furr,” said Weaver.  However formal charges have not been filed against the couple


“I'm not sure when they’ll be formally charged or what those charges will be that will be up to Henry Boyce, our prosecuting attorney,” said Weaver.


The sheriff's department does have a motive for the crime.  Sheriff Weaver said, “There had been an apparent robbery or theft subsequent to the homicide.”


“I think they were just all out partying that night together (and) ended up at his place and why it went from there we're not absolutely sure about,” said Weaver.


Garland Mobley was  a friend of Stephen Furr.


“I was shocked and I found it almost unbelievable because he had real capabilities of defending himself most of the time,” said Mobley.


Mobley says he has talked to the family


“They're not doing too well.  I talked to them yesterday.  I talked to his brother and mother also and they're really having a hard time of it,” said Mobley.


Sheriff Weaver says the autopsy report should come in from the state crime lab sometime this week.