A Riverside Town Meeting Leads To Two Arrests

January 05, 2006 -- Posted at 4:30 p.m. CST

Riverside, AR -- The mayor of Caraway, Joe South, said this morning the meeting where the altercation occurred was called by the superintendent of Riverside and the school board.

The meeting was held to discuss the possibility of either building a new school or renovating the old buildings.

Another witness, Riverside employee, Caraway resident, and friend to both men involved, Gale Yates, says Buster Campbell was sharing his views with the crowd when he and Hunter Miller became engaged in a heated exchange.

"They both took it where they were calling each other liars and other bad things. It just got blown out of proportion. They ended up deciding let's go outside and solve it. Knowing both men, I know they regret that. They know it was not the way to handle things," said Yates.

"In my opinion, their disagreement over another issue while Mr. Miller was on the board, which has nothing to do with this issue, has caused hard feelings towards them.  They are sensitive, and that is at the heart of it," said Yates.

Yates says both men are well respected in the community and he believes they regret the incident ever occurred.

Both men were released from custody.

We were not able to reach Mr. Miller or Riverside's superintendent.

Buster Campbell declined to comment.