Dogs Shot in Bono, Owners Upset

February 13, 2006 -- Posted at 8:09 p.m. CST


BONO, AR -- Dogs in Region 8 are being shot; many times in their owners yards.


One family in Bono has had all three of their dogs wounded over the past year.


The most recent shooting happened ten days ago.


“The boys were yelling and the dogs were barking and my husband, at first, thought one of the boys had been shot by someone.  Then one of the dogs started coming up dragging his body and bleeding really bad,” said Sarah Colburn.


Hunter, a brown lab, was shot in the side.  The bullet went in on one side and came out on the other.


“The veterinarian at the pet hospital told me that he’d been shot with a high powered rifle,” said Colburn.


The Colburn family has spent about $600 over the past year on veterinarian bills when their dogs are shot.


Family member say the shooting happened in the woods near their home, and happened just feet from where two children were playing with the dogs.


“My most concern is the animals, my grandson, and nephew.  It could have been either of them,” said Colburn.


The Colburn family lives on 16 acres of private property.   They say they have no clue who might be responsible for the shootings, but are determined to find out.


They are offering a $200 reward in finding the person responsible for the shootings.


The Colburn's have reported the shootings to the Craighead County Sheriff's department, however, without proof of a culprit there isn’t much they can do.


“We try to investigate this type of complaint but it’s very hard.  If we go interview someone they’re not going to admit to shooting the dog,” said Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann.


State law says that a dog can be shot if an individual believes himself, his family or his property is in danger by the animal.


But with her dogs, Sarah Colburn says that's just not the case.


“They’re not very vicious being a lab, a retriever, and a little dog,” said Colburn.