A Mother's Prayer

Garry Harris has been living the last 30 years of his life like each day could be his last. The drive from Springfield to Jonesboro is long, but Garry enjoys coming to see his parents. After all, he says they not only gave him life, their prayers saved him. "When you hit a backhoe at 100 miles an hour, and course I never wore a seat belt so by all accounts I should have been dead."
As a high school senior in 1971, Garry was looking forward to graduation, and looking for a good time on senior skip day. "Me and some buddies loaded the trunk of my car up with beer and whiskey and headed to the lake to boat and ski and just get drunk."
Garry's father had just returned from Vietnam and was stationed in Oklahoma. Garry was staying with friends in Fayetteville, Arkansas finishing out his senior year. Around four o'clock that afternoon his mother was hit with an overwhelming burden to pray. Vivian Harris received a phone call from a friend near Northwest Arkansas. That's when she heard the news. "They came on the radio and said there's been a terrible wreck. This young man, they're cutting him from the car and it appears that he's dead."
The news helped Vivian understand what she was praying for, but she still had know idea it was her son, hundreds of miles away. Garry says, "The backhoe was kind of in the shoulder of the road and half way out into the highway and I hit it and total it and my car. It peeled the top back like a can opener would, and left part of my two front teeth embedded in the steering wheel."
Then Vivian and her husband got a phone call. The young man in the car was her son. They drove all night to get to him. "We were so tiered we hardly could stand it and we didn't know how he was and we were just very upset. I felt like everything was all right because I had prayed.
Her husband remembers those prayers. "As a pastor I have prayed for many people on different occasions and for different circumstances, but there's a difference when its a member of your family."
Garry never new what happened. "I woke up in the hospital and didn't know I'd even been in a wreck. I never knew anything. I was totally out of it. I know it was my mothers prayers." Since then Garry has been a changed man, and he and his family give credit to the power of prayer.