Good Neighbors in Region 8 Help Family After Losing Home in Fire

February 14, 2006 -- Posted at 6:10 p.m. CST


NEWPORT, AR -- Machelle Whitworth and her five children lost their home to a fire just a few short weeks ago.


Since they lost their home, donations have been pouring in for Machelle and her family.


“It really surprised me when a lot of people came together and donated clothes and everything for me and the kids.  I told everybody thank you but I still don’t feel I said it enough,” said Machelle Whitworth.


A fund is set up for the family at the Merchant and Planters Bank in Newport, but what they've received the most of is support from the community.


“Most of the people donating… I've never met them until they donated,” said Whitworth.


But Machelle and her family appreciate all the donations they've received.


They have managed to recover a few items from the burned home.


“I’m able to salvage a few photo albums and some jewelry,” said Whitworth.


“When the house burned down the family lost just about everything, but say they never expected to get all the help they've received,” said Whitworth.  


“When it happened I had my mind on what we had lost.  I thought it would be a while before I got anything and I'd have to do it myself,” said Whitworth.  


One of the Good Neighbors who is helping the family is Dana Duvall, a mother of four who is doing what she can to help.


“I just really had pity on them because we had gone through a similar situation back in September.  Our house had burned and I knew exactly what they were going through,” said Dana Duvall.


Dana lost her home but not her spirit of giving.  When she and her husband heard about the fire at the Whitworth home, they decided to help


“With all the emotion that you're going through at that time, you're just so thankful for what everybody did for you, you can't repay it.  This is our way of repaying what everybody did for us,” said Duvall.


A fund is still open for the family at the Merchant and Planters Bank in Newport.

It is called the “Hero’s Fund”.