Marmaduke School Locks Down After Student Brings Weapon onto Campus

FEBRUARY 15, 2006 - Posted at 4:41 p.m. CST

MARMADUKE, AR - Marmaduke Elementary School's campus went into a "lockdown" mode for a few minutes late this morning when it was learned that a sixth grade male student had brought a weapon onto the campus.

According to a police report, Captain Bruce Drope of the Greene County Sheriff's Department happened to be in the school's daycare center when he heard an intercom message calling for "teachers to lockdown their classrooms."  Drope's narrative states, "I proceded to the rear of the building where principal Keith Richey was near the playground and advised me that a sixth grade boy had a 'dagger' and had ran out of school to the creek just west of the playground."

Shortly afterwards, additional law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and the youth was eventually taken into custody "as the subject was placing the dagger to his neck.  He has slit both wrists prior to being taken into custody."

According to Drope, the youth told Drope that "he just wanted to die because he hated life.  He stated his mom lived in Lousiana and that he did not know where his dad lived."

The boy was examined and treated at the scene by personnel from Arkansas Methodist Medical Center and then turned over to Marmaduke police officers.