FEMA Spokesman Defends Trailer Program

FEBRUARY 16, 2006 - Posted at 7:48 a.m. CST

HOPE, AR - The Federal Emergency Management Agency is defending the process of getting trailer homes to homeless Gulf Coasts residents.

Nearly 11,000 mobile homes are parked at the Hope Municipal Airport, where they've been not long after Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area August 29, forcing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes.  More than 1,300 people died in the disaster.

Congressman Mike Ross and other members of Congress have asked why the trailers sit idle months after the storm when so many people remain without adequate housing.

FEMA spokesman John McDermott says the trailers will be moved out when there is space available for them in Louisiana and Mississippi.  He says FEMA must get approval from cities, counties and states before placing the trailers.

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