The Doors of the Church are Open

February 28, 2006 -- 5:45 PM CST


LAWRENCE COUNTY -- Some people would consider church burnings as an oxymoron, but 10 churches have been burned in rural Alabama.  


Pastor Mark Harris of F irst Baptist Church, Walnut Ridge, mentioned the burnings in his sermon Sunday.


“The question I asked our congregation is ‘What would we do if churches in our area began to be burned?’”    

What would his congregation do?


“I would like to hope…I would like to say that we would perservere...that we will continue to meet...we will continue to be the people of God,” he said.   


But who on earth could be so mean?


“What's in the minds and hearts of those one really knows, as far as the motive, but it's definitely an evil motive I can tell you that,” said Brent Powell of the B lack R iver Baptist Association.


It may be an evil motive, but Powell said that the church still goes on.

“You've seen time after time when the church buildings burn down but the people have rallied together.”    

Some people may not understand what's in the minds of the people who are doing this, but Pastor Harris said that forgiveness is the key.


“I would want them to know first of all that God loves them.”   

Harris also said that the building is not the church, but it’s the people inside who make it.

“God's word is going to be accomplished and no one's going to stop that,” he said.     


Harris and Powell believe that the doors of the church are always open.   Building or no building, a person's faith will continue.