Did You Know Sky Venture?

March 13, 2006--Posted at 3:00 pm
JONESBORO-- Most of you may remember former K-8 Meteorologist, Mark Frankum.... He's pretty good at predicting weather, but he's also pretty good flying.

Mark left KAIT to continue his career in aviation.

He started Jonesboro's very first flight school-- Sky Venture-- but "Did You Know?" it's one of the largest of it's kind in the Midsouth?

For Mark Frankum the sky is the limit... And it wasn't until he took us up in the air, that we realized what everyone else has been missing.

"A lot of people don't know there's a flight school in Jonesboro. A lot of people don't even know there's an airport in Jonesboro," Sky Venture Co-Owner Mark Frankum says.

But it turns out Sky Venture aviation isn't a secret. With the first location in Jonesboro and two others in Tennessee, sky venture aviation is top notch in flight training.

It's a business that's literally built from the ground, up... And it all started right here in Jonesboro.

"When we bought the flight school, I think we started out with 8 customers, and today we're one of the largest flight schools in the Midsouth," Frankum says.

But Mark didn't start this business alone... Sky Ventures' Co-Owner Kathy Moore comes from a family of pilots.
When she earned her license, she couldn't wait to share her dream... She says she does it with one customer at a time.

"Customer service is very important to us. Everyone that walks through that door has a dream or goal, and we want to help them achieve that dream," Sky Venture Co-Owner Kathy Moore says.

With three locations and over 81 students, Sky Venture is building more than just business their building relationships.

"The equipment is top notch. The instructors are on top of their game. Their also good teachers when it comes to their personalities... Their very patient. It just feels like a first class operation from the time you grace the front doors," Student Seth James says.

That's right, meet S eth James... He's just completed the 35 hours it takes to achieve his pilots' license from Sky Venture, but his future rides on today.

He has to pass a final test, before he can officially be called a pilot...
But he's sure the peace he feels in the air, will help him earn the title.

"You can see forever... At night, it looks like candles are lit everywhere. It's just beautiful. And aside from being beautiful, it is so practical," James says.

With the help of the instructors at Sky Venture and a dream he's had since he was a kid.
He put his most adventurous foot forward and recalled the day it all started...

"You ever had that dream when you were growing up, at least I have, that you could fly? This is the only way you can do that. This is the closest you'll ever be to being in outer space," James says.

He may not ever make it to outer space, but today he became a pilot.