SeMo Congresswoman Puzzled By Obscenity in Her Letter To a Constituent

APRIL 20, 2006 - Posted at 7:37 a.m. CST

WASHINGTON (AP) - Nobody expects to get a letter from a member of Congress that ends with an expletive.

But that's what happened when Republican Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson corresponded with a resident of her southeast Missouri district.

The letter ended with a vulgar, seven-letter insult.

Emerson says she can't explain how the offensive language got into the letter, which otherwise reads like a typical response to a citizen's question about Congress.

Emerson's chief of staff visited the constituent, a Centerville man, yesterday to apologize.  The man has declined to comment publicly.

A spokesman for Emerson says no one has been disciplined because the responsible party hasn't been identified.

But Emerson's office is adopting new procedures, including locking computer work stations when users are away.  And all staff must take a course on professionalism.


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