Look Twice, Save a Life

April 30, 2006 -- 10:35 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- May 1 marks the start of Biker Awareness Month, and local bikers gathered to promote a campaign, "Look Twice, Save a Life."  


Tom Barnes is a concerned biker, and he said that the "Look Twice Save a Life" campaign is what the city needed.


"We'd like for motorists to realize that we all share the road, and we're out there," said Barnes.       


Several Arkansas bikers placed a mark on the city Sunday evening with signs that read, "Look Twice Save a Life."


"A lot of people don't respect us because we're riding on two wheels, but we are actually...probably more careful riders than a lot of people who just drive in a car," said Ken Burrow.       


A bear was attached to each sign in memory of a local biker, Michael Sartin, who was killed just weeks ago.    Sartin was hit by a car while on his motor cycle, and his friends called him "Bear."


"It's a bad thing that something like that happened, but we can't let it go by without letting something good come from it," said Barnes.    


Bikers said that one headlight on a motorcycle means there is a life there, and they hope that "Look Twice Save a Life" will spread throughout the state of A rkansas.