Heber Springs May Allow Deer Hunt Inside City Limits

MAY 1, 2006 - Posted at 7:58 a.m. CST

HEBER SPRINGS, AR - Several residents who have a major stake in the May 23 election at Heber Springs won't be allowed to cast any votes.  They probably couldn't manipulate the voting machines with their hooves, anyway.

Heber Springs' human residents will decide in the election if they want to reduce the deer population in their lakeside town with an urban hunt, using bows and arrows.

Arkansas wildlife officials counted 387 deer over two nights in the town of about 7,000 residents.  The animals thrive off store-bought corn the locals like to feed them and they get plenty of water from Greers Ferry Lake.

If approved, the hunt would take place every other year.  It would run from September 16 through November 19 this year, with 100 permits issued.

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