Lampe Berger FAQs

Why does my Lampe Berger get cold when I blow out the flame?

If you put to much fragrance in your Lampe Berger it will feed the rock faster than it can burn it and the excess oil fills the pores of the rock cutting off the air flow making it go out. A good test to run is after 2 min blow out your flame and if you still have heat after 5 minutes everything is right if not you have too much oil in your Lampe Berger.

How long should I burn my lamp?

If you haven't burned a Lampe Berger in your home before or at least in a few days you will need to burn your Lampe Berger 1 hour for every 600sq. ft. of home the first time, and then repeat every day after that for 30 minutes for up to 2000sq ft. homes and add 10 minutes for every 400sq ft. above that for larger homes. If you miss a day you will need to make up that day because you have twice as much air dirty.

How long should my wick last.

The wick should last for 1-2 years

How do I know if I need a new wick.

We recommend that you replace the wick in your Lampe Berger about once a year. This will keep the wick in top working order. Keeping a good wick will make the Lampe Berger use less oil and do a better Job of cleaning the air. If you want to test the wick there are two ways to do this. One way is to look at the rock part of the wick and if you see pit holes the wick is worn and needs replaced. The second way to test the wick is to let the Lampe Berger burn until it runs out of oil and goes out, then let it cool down and rub your finger against the side and if you get a ash like stuff on you finger the rock is breaking down and needs replaced.

Does it hurt to burn the Lampe Berger dry?

It will not cause any damage to the Lampe Berger to burn it dry. The reason people refill the Lampe Berger before it is empty is because if you refill at that point you will not have to wait the 20 minutes priming time. If you want to change fragrances we recommend to burn it dry.

If my eyes are dry or watery should I stop using a Lampe Berger?

Dry or watery eyes are a sign of an allergic reaction to the fragrance not to the Lampe Berger itself. Not all people are allergic to all fragrances, usually just a range of fragrances. Changing fragrances or burning unscented oil will stop the problem, and help with your allergies.

If my Lampe Berger will not light do I need to replace the wick?

If your Lampe Berger will not light it's not a sign of a worn out wick it is a sign of a stopped up wick from overfilling it. If you fill your Lampe Berger with to much oil after the initial flame is blown out the barometric pressure will feed the oil faster than the flame inside the rock can burn it, and the excess oil has no where to go but into the pores where the air has to enter so when all of the pores are filled the air is completely shout off and the flame goes out. This can take about 5 minutes to happen, and then there is no suction to draw up more oil and the alcohol evaporates real fast and the fragrance dries out in the pores and stops up the rock so the next time you use it the air can't get to the oil and it wont light. If this happens you don't need to replace the wick it just needs to be cleaned. To do this it's best to let us do that for you free of charge. To clean it fill the cap of the fuel bottle or a small container with some Lampe Berger oil in it and pull the wick up enough to soak the rock part in the lid for 10 seconds and then place the wick back in the Lampe Berger and snug it back in place and then try to light it. If it doesn't light, repeat the process until it does. Next let the wick blaze until it turns back light gray. This can usually take about 20 minutes. If the wick is stopped up from burning a non Lampe Berger brand fuel the wick is ruined and will not be able to be burned out of it, and will need to be replaced.

Does it hurt to burn other brands of fragrance in my Lampe Berger?

Lots of people burn a different brand of fragrance in their Lampe Berger, and are told that there is no difference. In fact there is a huge difference. If you take 90% Isopropyl alcohol and added fragrance you would have the same thing most places sell. Lampe Berger takes the 90% isopropyl alcohol and sends it through a purification process and filters out all of the dangerous impurities and then puts it through a heat process that changes it from Isopropyl alcohol to Isopropylique Alcohol which burns at a different temperature. This is Lampe Bergers' unscented oil. Lampe Berger then takes a strong French perfume and scents the oil. Lampe Berger then sends it to a laboratory for testing for a year to a year and a half. If the oil contains more than 10 particles /cubic centimeter it is considered cancer causing and will not be distributed. In fact at this point 75% of the fragrances tested do not pass. This is why Lampe Berger only releases about 3 new fragrances a year. Because Lampe Berger has such a strong fragrance a lot of company's use fragrance boosters to make their oil as strong as Lampe Berger's. Some of these fragrance boosters are very dangerous to your health. Always be sure to check the bottle for the Lampe Berger logo to insure your health.

Do I need more than one Lampe Berger.

Lampe Berger is made to cover a large area. One Lampe Berger will cover about 2000 sq. ft. without moving it. If you have a home bigger than that you can burn it in more than one place and still clean the air in the entire house. We have had people clean homes up to 10,000 sq. ft. with only 1 Lampe Berger.

Why should I buy a Lampe Berger?

Lampe Berger is designed to remove 68% of the bacteria in a 400 sq. ft. room in 40 minutes and sustain it for a 24 hour period. To do this Lampe Berger has designed a special made wick and scented fuel. The combustion chamber of the Lampe Berger wick is made up of a special made rock that is drilled up through the center and a cloth wick inserted. When burning the air is drawn in through microscopic holes in the outside of the rock to the fire. This area of the rock is at 840 degrees Fahrenheit. This step burns out anything that is air bound and leaves pure oxygen. Then the air is sent out through the port at the top where it is mixed with herbs and fragrance. This part of the wick is at just under 400 degrees so not to burn out what is being put in the air. This combination is what makes the Lampe Berger work so well. Based on what we have heard from thousands of customers, we believe most people will reduce the amount of medicine they have to take for asthma, allergies, C.O.P.D., and other breathing disorders by an average of 75%.