Three Arrests This Week!

It's a busy week for the stamp. We're adding three more arrests to our total.

Let's start with last week and work our way back. Rodney Walker aired on the 4th of July. Chennelle Tibbs showed up on Warrant Watch the week before.  Ralph E. Anderson just celebrated his birthday, instead of blowing out the candles he gets the stamp.

It's a Warrant Watch only week. Here's who we're looking for this week. We have an All-Star! remember you need at least 20 warrants to achieve all-star status.

Bobby J. Wooten fits the bill by splitting right down the middle. He has 10 non-payment of fines and 10 revocation of probation warrants out of Jonesboro. Tens are the rage this week apparently. Tanis M. Brownlee has ten warrants too. Hers are for not paying those fines.

If you think you can help police track down Tanis Brownlee or Bobby Wooten here's the number to call,  call 935-STOP and get your tip number. That's your anonymous ticket to some Crimestoppers cash. You can also e-mail your tips to Sgt. Steve McDaniel at JPD. Give 'em a call, and remember, whenever you see crime. Call Crimestoppers, 935-STOP.