About Loretta Kelly

Loretta's Catering to Your Needs, a catering service, was voted best caterer in the 2003 Best of the Best survey of

Jonesboro Sun


The Business was established in 1992 and specializes in white linen catering and culinary foods.

Business is Cooking in Loretta's Kitchen

Loretta Kelly feels fortunate to have seen her dreams come true - well, most of them anyway.

Kelly is probably best known simply as Loretta - as in Loretta's Catering to Your Needs.

She's Mother to her business partner, Kathy Cardwell. When Kelly was growing up in Arbyrd, Montana, both of her parents worked. Her mom left early to catch buses to get to Leachville where she taught, and she got home late in the day. At lunch on school days, Loretta would take friends with her, go by the grocery, pick up some food, then take "the girls" to her house and cook lunch for them. That was the start of something that has been an important part of her life - feeding others.

"I started cooking when I was 11 years old," she said. "I've always loved to cook."

After a couple of years at what was then Arkansas State College and a brief stint teaching school at Bucoa, she moved to Memphis. And that is where she aquired her taste for food as business.