Good Neighbor Mold Removal

July 17, 2006--Posted at 4:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--Imagine if your house was making you sick.  That was the scenario for a Region 8 family after black mold was found in their house. Scared and panicked, the Hargetts turned to insurance companies and banks for help only to be turned down.

The nasty problem cost the Hargetts their home, their possessions, and even their health.

"It's amazing how much it can make you sick," said Tammy Hargett.

After taking a ten minute tour of the house I began to have some breathing problems of my own. The Hargett family lived in the house for six months and everyone in the family had their own symptoms.

"We have two children and they were staying sick all the time. I have an eight year-old and he has asthma and he was constantly having bronchitis and other respiratory problems," said Hargett.

The mold problem forced the family to move in with their in-laws and burn most of their contaminated possessions. However, with a price tag of over $40,000, it was a problem they couldn't afford to fix...until Monday.

"We decided we would come in and take care of the mold problem for them, as a great family and a great opportunity to do something good," said Jeremy Terrell of Absolute Organic Restoration.

Terrell and his crew from Absolute Organics Restoration stepped in as good neighbors and helped the Hargetts fix a problem for a price they could afford.

"Jeremy answered a prayer and said he would do it for free. I just couldn't believe it and it just made me want to cry," said Hargett.

"We can literally fog the house and within 24 hours they can return to the house with no health risks what so ever," said Terrell.

Things were bleak six months ago, insurance wouldn't cover the mold, the banks wouldn't give them a loan, and some experts recommended tearing the house down. But now things are much brighter.

"We wanted to come in here and basically help her out, get her back in her home and give her the opportunity to move on with her family," said Terrell.

In addition to Absolute Organics Restoration a number of churches, businesses and other organizations have also given donations to help the Hargetts. But the family still needs help with sheet rock and other construction supplies as they look to rebuild the inside of their gutted home.

If you are interested donating construction supplies, money or volunteer time, email Brett Garrett at for more information.