Flooding a Continuous Problem for Some Jonesboro Residents

JULY 18, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:45 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- The City of Jonesboro is continuously dealing with flooding issues, but time keeps passing and the city still doesn't have a definite solution. Certain residents attended Tuesday's city council meeting, where they pleaded for help from the flood waters that continue to come.

"We have a severe drainage problem. There's no curbing in our street, so that means whenever it rains, we leave at the bottom of a hill and we get all the rains," says Sue Washington, a Jonesboro Resident.

Washington owns a home off West Highland in Jonesboro. A home she's been working to remodel for months hoping to sell, but after last Wednesday's heavy rains, the tables have turned. A drainage ditch was put in by the city years ago by her property, but last Wednesday when the rains came; the ditch didn't seem to help the flooding problem.

"Anyone that has come to speak with me has admitted that they've known for years that this particular drainage system needs attention quickly and big attention, not just a quick patch up job," says Washington.

The drainage system just is not adequate enough to cope with normal rain fall. We've had problems before, but never to the extent of this one," adds Washington.

Washington's contractor, Wil Allen and Company, estimates the damage to be in excess of 20 to $25,000, and that's on top of the work his company has already done to remodel her home for resale. Washington says if it wasn't for their additional work during the flood last week, the situation could've been much worse.

"If they hadn't come back and put themselves at risk lifting the grates in the drain, then we all would've gone under to a great extent," says Washington.

Washington attended the city council meeting Tuesday night to address the members and the Mayor, and was quite emotional concerning the headache this has caused her.

"You do know and you did know that the so called 'hot spot' that I'm in would flood and so you guys are responsible," claims Washington to the council.

Another resident we showed you last week, Tony Keller, also spoke at Tuesday's meeting concerning this flooding problems at this residence on Kitchen Street. This discussion definitely raised some questions among various council members and had some asking why the city doesn't already have a solution plan in place.

"I agree they don't know when it's going to rain, that's fine, nobody does, but they do know that when it does rain that this drainage system is going to cause problems every time," says Washington.

After the issues were addressed to the council Tuesday night, Mrs. Washington and others dealing with this flooding problem hope they will be able to get some answers. The council did decide to hold a special Public Works Committee Meeting this Friday at noon to further discuss these issues at hand.