A New Trend in Long Term Care

July 28, 2006 -- 5:25 PM CDT

MARION, AR -- Willowbend Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Marion, AR is not a typical nursing facility.

Theresa Williams and Betty James of West Memphis agree.  They checked their mother into the facility Friday morning.

"It just seems like your family's taken better care of in an atmosphere like this," said Willliams.

It's all about culture change at Willowbend.

"This is not like institutionalized," said James.  "The food is good here, and they have a nice courtyard that she can go out into.  I think she'll be very happy here," she added.

Charlotte Baskins, Administrator at Willowbend, is very excited to be apart of the new era.

"Culture change is a trend that's nationwide, but we're one of very few homes in the state of Arkansas that have actually initiated the culture change," said Baskins.

Residents who live in the center have several perks.  One of the perks is having the option to decorate their room as they choose, and that's one reason why Williams chose Willowbend for her mom.

"We can go in and decorate her room like we want it," she said.  "It just looks more like home.  We can bring everything from home here, so she can have the same familiar surroundings as she did at home."

The perks don't stop there.  There's a beauty salon, buffet style dining and even a massage therapy room on the premises.

Baskins said that it's all about choices at Willowbend, and residents who live there are not complaining.