Candidates Have Started to File for Jonesboro's City Council Positions

AUGUST 4, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:00 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Jonesboro's City Council is one of the many important positions that will have vacancies. So far, only 9 candidates have filed for positions within their Wards. In Ward 1, Position 1, 2 candidates have filed so far, Milton Wayne Harbison, and Charles Frierson. This position is currently held by Alderman Alec Farmer, who recently announced he will not re-seek the seat.

In Ward 2, Position 1, Reginald Prunty and Jim Hargis have both filed. Hargis currently holds the seat for Ward 2. In Ward 3, Position 1, Nancy Chrisman is the sole candidate as of today. For Ward 4, Position 1, John Street, the incumbent, will re-seek the position. Darrel Dover, the incumbent, and Richard Tangeman are the only 2 candidates that have filed so far for Ward 5, Position 1. Last, Tim McCall will reseek the seat for Ward 6, Position 1.  As these 9 candidates begin their race for Jonesboro's City Council, the dirt has started to surface.

Meanwhile, speculations have circulated about Candidate Reginald Prunty and whether he even lives inside Jonesboro's City Limits.

Sources reported to K8 News that Prunty's residence was listed at the address, 4571 Highway 141 North, which is located outside the city limits. But Prunty says that not the truth. He says his residence on Second Street has been his address since 1983.

"I sleep here occasionally, but I sleep here as well. This is where I live. My physical address is here. My driver's license shows 401 North Second, period. My legal description is here," says Prunty.

Prunty says he's lived in Jonesboro for the past 46 years and he feels these speculations are a waste of time to this race.

"The people that use this ploy to try to keep me out of the race, I think if they're doing a good job, they would spend more time trying to take care of the City of Jonesboro or the growth of North Jonesboro, instead of trying to pry into my life to see what I'm doing," says Prunty.

The deadline to file for positions within Craighead County is August 9th at 12 P.M.