Judd Hill Day brings Farmers Together

August 31, 2006 -- Posted at 5:24 p.m. CDT

POINSETT COUNTY, AR -- Cotton farmers from all over Region 8 are taking part in Judd Hill Day in Poinsett County.  This "field day" gives farmers the opportunity to learn something new coming up for the next farming season.

"We showcase the latest in cotton technology, this year we have about 600 farmers who come to see the latest in cotton development," said Mike Gibson of the Judd Hill Foundation.

Farmers load up on a trailer and take a tour through the cotton fields where different seed companies are set up to talk about their product.

"Farmers get to come up and see all the seed trials that are going on and see what the companies have going on," said cotton farmer Trent Felton.

Farmers not only get to hear what the experts have to say, they also get to talk to fellow farmers.

"They have the resource of talking to another farmer who has just done it the same exact way and had great results.  We can stand there and tell them all day long, but when one of their farmer buddies or a consultant tells them then they know it's true," said Kelly Dupont.

Guest speaker, Congressman Marion Berry said this event is a great way to bring farmers together to learn about products that are just around the corner.

"With the advent of bio-fuels coming into their own we're going to turn the produce of this land into a much more profitable situation than we've had in the past," said Berry.

To be more profitable, learning is the key.

"If people want to stay in farming and be successful, they really need to be open minded and really want to be eager to learn," said Felton.

Sponsors said they hope farmers have learned something that they can take back to their farm and use.

For more information about the Judd Hill Foundation log onto: http://juddhillplantation.org/