Snowy Weather Equals Last Minute Grocery Runs

January 31, 2007--Posted at 6:45 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR--As the snow comes down some businesses are forced to close, but several industries thrive when the weather turns snowy.

When the snow falls, everyone rushes the grocery store. Associates at Bill's Fresh Market on Stadium Boulevard in Jonesboro say that business is four times as busy when the wintry weather hits. While going to the store is a common practice, for some reason residents feel the urge to make that last minute trip when they see snow.

"My trip to the grocery store today was unplanned, but the snow helped me plan it. So, I am here to stock up," said Sandra Smith.

Smith spent the day in class at Arkansas State University, but rather than go home when class ended, she knew she had to make a trip to the store.

"Jonesboro shuts down when it snows, so I have to make sure I have everything I need," said Smith.

Smith has four boys at home and with the possibility of school being out, a stocked pantry is worth its weight in gold.

"They are going to be home all day long and they are going to eat all day long, so I have to have something for them to eat," said Smith.

Complete with the staples a group of growing boys need.

"Milk, bread, eggs, the normal things you need and you run out of quick and pizza," said Smith.

Piggott resident, Diane Vannada was let off of work early, but with the possibility of more snow, she knew she had to pick up the most important part of her teenage daughter's diet.

"Junk food, she likes to eat junk food, so we are just going to get some snacks and hope it doesn't get too bad out there," said Vannada.

ASU student, Leighanna Taylor was working on homework when the flurries began to fall and despite the fact her car slid off of the road temporarily, she wasn't deterred from the grocery store.

"This is a very special trip, because it is snowing outside and we are afraid we won't be able to drive later, so we are getting goodies," said Taylor.

According to employees at Bill's Fresh Market, while they say milk and bread are big sellers, they say the thing they sell the most of is meat and tomatoes, the ingredients for making a warm chili.

While everyone's shopping list and snow day menus varied, there was one thing that all the shoppers we talked to agreed on.

"Make sure you have plenty to eat and movies to watch," said Smith.