Small Towns Look to Cash in by Banding Together

February 2, 2007 -- Posted at 9:52 p.m. CST

PIGGOTT, AR -- Several communities in Northeast Arkansas are banding together to form a four city economic coalition.

The purpose of the coalition is to draw more businesses to the area which will provide more job opportunities.

The coalition, which will be known as The Economic Coalition of Northeast Arkansas, was formed the last week of January and includes the cities of Rector, Marmaduke, Paragould, and Piggott.

Piggott Mayor Gerald Morris told K8 News on Friday that this is something he believes will give these communities the extra push to economic success.

"We felt like what we needed to do is form a coalition of several of us and try to speak with one voice," said Morris.

If the cities are presented as a united front that wants what is best for the area, perhaps they will be more enticing to industries.

"If we were able to get a business or a job here it would help any of us in our area," said Morris.

Each of the communities currently in the coalition is connected by Highway 49.

There are currently some open buildings in Piggott.  In addition to already constructed buildings there is also 76 acres of land owned by the city that would be available for a business to buy and build on.

Morris said that other cities are welcome to join the coalition.  An invitation is being presented to the cities of Brookland and Jonesboro.