Powering Our Lives With Renewable Energy Sources

If you've kept up with the price of oil lately you've noticed that the fluctuations in the market have been like riding a roller coaster. The oil companies once again announced huge profits.

Consider This...

It seems using a crystal ball to predict the price of oil would be the most reliable method. The price per barrel seems to rise and fall at the whim of the controlling entity. It's all a game... and unfortunately we do not have a seat at the table.

Hopefully companies will continue to push for other methods of energy that utilize sources other than oil. Wal-Mart has announced they are working to utilize solar panels to provide energy for their stores in an effort to use renewable energy resources. If Wal-Mart has success with this project it could have a significant impact on that way many other major companies operate their business.

As you are filling up at the pump just try to keep a "glass is half-full" attitude. The price may be outrageous now, but at least it is forcing Americans to think differently... more creatively... about how we power our lives. If we can continue to reduce our dependence on oil, and work to utilize renewable energy sources, it will significantly benefit Americans... and the rest of the world.