Ice Storm Makes For Slow Commute

January 9, 2007 - Posted at 5:14 p.m. CST

WEST MEMPHIS-Cars wrecked, police blocking traffic, and bridges completely iced over, was the scene early Friday morning as motorists took to Interstate-40 between Forrest City and Memphis, TN.

"It's been real slow and a lot of ice on the bridges, the traffic's been real bad," said Kenneth Johnson of Cabot.

Real bad considering a normal commute on Interstate-40 runs around 70 miles per hour.   Today however, the speed...well there was no speed about it.   Just car after car sitting still.

"I'm sure there's wrecks ahead of us. I've been sitting here for about thirty five minutes," said Johnson.

In West Memphis the culprit was bridges.   Road signs reading, "bridge may freeze in cold weather" probably couldn't have been more accurate.

But West Memphis had more than bridges to deal with.

Road construction and lane merges made navigating even more difficult.

Even the access roads were jammed full of cars.

Finally, by midday, most of the ice had melted and motorists were beginning to regain some momentum, but for the morning commute, it was nothing but slow.

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