Traffic Signal Coordination

If you have driven anywhere in the city of Jonesboro you have certainly had the unfortunate experience of dealing with traffic issues, particularly traffic signals that seem to have no synchronization whatsoever.

Consider This...

The volume of traffic in Jonesboro is not that significant when you compare the city to larger metropolitan areas. That's actually the good news; because being a small city gives us the opportunity to get ahead of the problem before the volume of traffic exceeds our current infrastructure.

Jonesboro's problem is one of traffic signal coordination.

Here's the good news. Teddy Hooton, Jonesboro's Street Superintendent, is working to get approval to conduct a timing study that would result in a detailed plan for traffic light synchronization.

When the request for quotation, or RFQ, is presented, the city council needs to approve the RFQ so the study can begin as quickly as possible.

The current situation is unacceptable and needs attention now. If Jonesboro wants to continue to grow then let's see some action... let's start handling the issues facing the city in a timely manner.