Cops Searching for Pot Find Severed 'Gator Heads Instead

MOUNTAIN HOME, AR - Baxter County sheriff's deputies expected to find a large marijuana plant growing in landscaping near a man's driveway after receiving a tip about it.

What they didn't expect to find were the severed alligator heads in the man's freezer.

Deputies arrested 48-year-old Michael Robert Morris and charged him with felony counts of manufacturing a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.  Deputies arrived at Morris' home Wednesday after receiving the tip and found the plant was gone.

Two hours later, deputies said they found Morris, who denied growing the marijuana.  Deputies searched his home and found three American alligator heads in a freezer in a workshop.  Arkansas Game and Fish officers took the alligator heads and continue to investigate whether they were poached, deputies said.

Morris has been released on a $25,000 bond.

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