Meet the 875th's "Mother Hen"

September 24, 2007--Posted at 1:15 p.m. CDT

FT. MCCOY, WI--When the soldiers from the 875th Engineer Battalion off-loaded from their plane this weekend, they had no idea there would be a number of their fellow soldiers there to greet them.  One of those soldiers was 1st Sgt. Jerry Kersey, the self proclaimed "mother hen" of the outfit, but he treated most of them more like a poppa bear than a mother hen.

Kersey shouted, ran, hugged, and fought back tears as his friends and "family" came across the runway.  "They're all kind of like my kids and I haven't seen them for a long tim," said 1st Sgt. Kersey.  "This fits in with your wdding day and the day your kids are born, it's a great, great day for the 875th."

Kersey says he's been in the service for 41 years and every time a soldier comes home, he's over come with joy and emotion.  It's a scene those returning home seem to share.