A Smoky Way to Safety

October 11, 2007 - Posted at 5:47 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-  One of the latest pieces of equipment added at the Jonesboro Fire Department has no sirens, no ladders and it's not even painted red.  As part of the department's commitment to public safety and education the new smoke trailer opened it's doors this week for school kids.

Eric Simmons Deputy Fire Marshal is in charge of using the trailer as a tool to educate school children, "Well this is really part of our fire safety program, this is something that we try to use to teach little ones fire safety, not only kitchen safety but also we want to teach them how to get out of their home in the case of a fire in the middle of the night."

A two-fold job for both the fire safety trailer and the fire fighters who teach in it. Thursday morning a group of students from the International Studies magnet became the second group to go through the trailer.

Simmons, "We're really trying to target our second grade class just because they can grasp the material and because they aren't scared of the smoke they put in there. We put the smoke in there and then we turn the smoke alarm on, then what they'll do is crawl underneath the smoke and go to the door which is a heated door and they can feel the door and see if it's hot or cold and then make a decision, will I go out that door or go out a second exit? "

Second grader Ben Scholtens seemed to grasp the right idea about what to do in case of a fire, "You go to the door and feel if it's hot and if it is hot you escape through something else."

Something else stressed in the safety class is how and why you should use 911. Scholtens," In case somebody breaks their bones, youre getting robbed or there is a fire."

You are never to young to be safe and the Jonesboro Fire Departments smoke trailer really gets the message across.

Simmons, "To make sure that they know what to do, we want them to get out of their house safely."

   To schedule a visit at the smoke trailer you can call Deputy Fire Marshal Eric Simmons at the Jonesboro Fire Department, Station 1