Thousands of Kids Are In Need Of Good Foster Homes

Posted October 29, 2007 - 6:15 p.m. C.d.t.

JONESBORO - Right now, there are over six thousand children in need of good foster families and over 400 children waiting to be adopted but the paperwork and the process can be lengthy and frustrating at times.

It is an unfortunate part of our society that children, for what ever reason must be taken from their parents.  Some will be put into the foster system and hopefully reunited with their parents after what ever situation that caused the separation has been cleared.

For some children though, they will never see their parents again and are in need of good adoptive parents.

Anthony Cilli and his wife Tanya were among many couples and individuals who attended the Adoption Blitz held here in Jonesboro at the St. Bernard's auditorium.  "I just think there are a lot of children who need a good home and I think my wife and I would be a good home for them, we would provide a good home for them."

The blitz was designed to help begin and stream line the lengthy often tedious and sometimes frustrating process families must take to become foster or adoptive families. Including forms to fill out, fingerprinting and background checks.

Sheila Cook from the department of human services teaches the sessions on fostering and adopting through the state system.  "There are several requirements for foster parents, it's pretty lengthy what we require but there are required federal licensing standards that we have to abide by."

Cook says right now there is a huge need for foster homes. "we have approximately 500 foster children as of today and 107 foster homes."

This lack of homes forces children from our region to be sent across the state away from friends and local environment."

Besides the children looking for foster homes, there are hundreds who are looking to be adopted, many of these children have been in the foster system for a while and will not be returned to their families due to abuse, neglect and or abandonment.

One of the ways you can take a look at the kids out there available for adoption is to take a look at the Arkansas Adoption Coalition and go online and check out their web site, it's got all their pictures on it.

Dia Sawyer who chairs the group who put the disc and web site together says putting names to faces gives the adoption experience a huge boost. "putting a face to the name we just hear about in the news just makes it real and just shows that they are normal kids just like every other kid. "

Being an adopted child myself I know what it means to have that special family who picked me for their own, these children need loving homes either temporarily or forever. For information on becoming a foster parent or adopting through the state process, be sure and check out their web sites.