Fit to Hunt?

Posted-November 9, 2007   10 p.m. Ct

JONESBORO - By now a good chunk of the population is on the way to the deer woods for opening day on Saturday.

But are you ready for all that exercise?

I have a chance to go deer hunting but I knew I had to get in shape, quick. So I laced on my hunting boots, put on my favorite camo hat and reflective gear and drove, um  jogged over to the NEA Wellness center for consultation and training.

As always Meg Williamson was there to provide motivation and inspiration.

I quickly explained all the details to Meg and let her know what I needed to accomplish.

The first exercise we did was the stair stepper, it simulates climbing up the deer stand and, we did this for about 20 minutes.

Moving on to the free weights, simulating picking up a deer from the ground, I was good for about a small deer, about the size of a small dog.

There is no way you spend one day at the gym and be ready for any kind of stressful exercise, you need to start from three to six months ago with walking, stair stepping and lifting, really getting in shape.

Crunches and a jog home and I was a lean, mean, hunting machine.

Like meg told me it takes a good three to six months to really get in shape for strenuous exercise, so enjoy the hunting experience but be careful out there.