ASU Fans Honor Indian Family

Jonesboro, AR -- "Tonight was the last time we'll see the Indian family and the Indian mascot at the stadium at a football it certainly packs a lot of emotion," said Indian Club director, Doug Doggett.

It was an emotional halftime ceremony as the Indian family was honored by students, fans, and alumni at Thursday's game.

This will be the last year Arkansas State will have the Indians as their mascot.

The new mascot is expected to be named in the spring.

"We'll be back no matter what the name is," said one fan.

"This is pretty sad because I really like the Indians," said another fan.

While ASU will close one chapter of the school's history when they change mascots, a new beginning is on the horizon.

"A lot of people grew up watching Chief Big Track circle the field on his horse.  People brought their kids and grandkids, and a new generation of Indian fans has developed from that," said Doggett.  We'll embrace the new mascot just like we embraced the Indians 76 years ago," said Doggett.