Brookland Police Department Gets a Splash of Color

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) -- Students from the Brookland High School EAST Lab paired up with the art club and the city of Brookland to paint a mural on the outside of the Brookland Police Department.

The murals they're painting include a bearcat and DARE logos.  The art club helped the EAST Lab students design what they would be painting, and those designs were put into an architectural computer program to see what the murals would look like on the building.

"It makes it stand out more makes it easier to locate the Brookland Police Department for those who do not know where it is at," said Leslie McIntire.

"Students being able to go out and work in the community helps them to become better citizens of tomorrow, helps them have an invested interest in their community," said Brookland teacher Cindy Whitaker.

EAST Lab allows students to engage in community service projects that the students create and lead. There are over 200 EAST labs across the nation.