Analysis: Huckabee Risks Overexposure Before 2012

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Will Huckabee fatigue set in? Mike Huckabee is no longer a candidate for president or a governor, but it's pretty hard to escape him these days. If he's not hosting his weekly talk show on Fox News, maybe he's chatting with the ladies on ABC's "The View."

If you miss him being interviewed on talk radio, no worries. You will be able to catch him each weekday on his own Paul Harvey-esque radio program starting in January.

Did the former Republican presidential hopeful reach a media saturation point last week, when he released a book on his failed White House bid and launched an 18-state tour to tout it?

With stops in Iowa, Georgia and West Virginia, he's revisiting states that offered him victories during his cash-strapped campaign. Huckabee says he's not making any plans, but his media appearances leave the impression that he's laying the groundwork for another shot at the White House.

But his omnipresence leaves one big question: Will voters miss him if he won't go away?

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