Afternoon Update

Here are some of the stories Region 8 News is tracking for tonight's newscasts at FIVE and SIX on KAIT-TV...

The Dow Jones is down almost 100 points this hour, putting even more of a crunch on 401Ks. Some people are losing sleep over it, literally. Yalanda Young has more on Region 8 News at Five.

Diesel prices are finally below the price of regular unleaded gas, so are farmers buying in bulk to avoid the next possible fuel price spike? Josh Harvison will have a live report on Region 8 News at Six.

Ryan Vaughan says we have a slight chance of showers today but storms are moving in tomorrow. He also says cold temperatures are moving in later this week and will tell you when to lose the t-shirt for a jacket on Region 8 News at FIVE, SIX and TEN.

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