Fla. neighborhood infested with vultures

A neighborhood in Florida is overrun with vultures.

  Two dead after plane crashes in New Orleans East

  RAW: Lightning strikes near Horry County guidance counselor leaving school open house

Video courtesy of Romulus McNeill/Horry County Schools

  Bunker near Ringle housed Portage Co. fugitive for over 3 years

Jeremiah Button was discovered by a hunter who tipped off the Marathon Co. Sheriff's Dept.

  Woman thought she had kidney stones, gives birth to triplets

A lady goes to the hospital for kidney stones and leaves with triplets.

  Raccoon 'burglarizes' vending machine at Florida high school

The raccoon got stuck inside the vending in its search for potato chips and fruit snacks.

  James Bond's Aston Martin auctioned for $6 million

  Officials: Greenland is not for sale

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  Baby sea turtles released at MB State Park

Video courtesy of Merri Raleigh

  RAW: Baby sea turtles being released at Myrtle Beach State Park

Video courtesy of Merri Raleigh

  'You ugly!' note gets airport worker fired in NY

  Body camera captures choking baby rescue

Culver City police save a choking boy who couldn't breathe.

  Dale Earnhardt Jr., family survive plane crash

Racing legend Dale Earnhardt Junior and his family survived a fiery plane crash in East Tennessee.

  Man to sell comic collection for cancer treatment

  El Paso: Hugs for man who invited all to funeral

  Jeffrey Epstein autopsy released

  Rice cookers disrupt NYC transit system

  Tlaib rejects conditional officer to visit Israel

  Pa. couple accused of faking baby's birth and death

A young couple in Pennsylvania faces criminal charges after police say they faked a pregnancy, birth and death of a child in exchange for gifts and money.

  2 dead after shooting near Alabama State University

  Israel bans 2 U.S. congresswomen from visiting

  Man with special needs gets first birthday party and new family

After having a very hard life, 30-year-old man with special needs, Chris Barrington, is getting a second chance at living and being taken care of.

  Israel bans members of DNC squad from Jerusalem

Israel will bar a visit by two of its sharpest critics in the U.S. Congress, Democrats Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

  9-year-old girl dies in gang-related shooting

Police said a suspect shot into the wrong apartment.

  Breathing dirty air can harm you just as much as smoking for 29 years

A new study says long-term exposure to air pollution is like smoking about a pack of cigarettes a day for many years.

  Cards brighten birthday for Sunshine

Sunshine is what people at the Country Mart grocery store call Jordan Huneke.

  Rep. Steve King said rape, incest helped populate world

In anti-abortion comments Wednesday, the Iowa Congressman questions whether any human would exist on Earth if not for rape and incest.