Couple matches outfits for 7 decades

  Florida woman's first date turns into a nightmare

On their way home from a late night bite to eat, her date led police on a chase.

  Subway to offer new meatless meatball sandwich

Kicking off in September, for a limited time, Subway customers will be able to order meatless meatball subs.

  WATCH Police: Woman pulls bag from body cavity, snorts drugs in police cruiser

Kathryn Ahlers is charged with possession of a controlled substance, public intoxication, endangering the welfare of a minor and tampering with evidence.

  RAW: Sharks seen feeding near 53rd Ave N in Myrtle Beach

Video courtesy of Tara Savedge

  107-year-old woman's secret to long life: Don't get married

  Cat struck by arrow

Animal control and took the black cat to an animal shelter where the arrow was removed.

  VIDEO: Waterspout off Siesta Key Beach

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  Husband and wife married for 71 years die on same day

Their love was so strong that the husband and wife took their final breaths only hours apart.

  WATCH: Man gets between mother bear and cubs in Tenn. park

In the video, the bear appears to lunge at the man and he backs off. The bear and three cubs then continue across the street and into the woods.

  Man said he found decades-old message in a bottle

A man was vacationing with his wife on Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., when he said "it just came bobbing by."

  Mom in Ill. drove with kids in inflatable pool on top of car, police say

A Dixon, Ill. mother is in custody after police say she had her two children ride on the top of her car to hold down an inflatable swimming pool.

  Escaped inmate runs through Walmart parking lot

Four inmates escaped from the Kentucky River Regional Jail and a witness caught their chase with police all on camera.

  Cat recovers after getting its head stuck in a storm grate

A woman walking to her car thought the cat was a toy at first until it moved its eyes.

  GRAPHIC: Woman says zebra bit her at Tennessee farm

A woman said a zebra bit her at a private farm in Tennessee.

  Police ask for help identifying large 'dog' roaming Tenn. neighborhood

The Spring Hill Police asked for help identifying a four-legged creature it was tracking overnight - a really large 'dog.'

  Man throws birthday party for 3-month-old pothole

Frank Sereno said he’s reported the pothole to the city multiple times. So, he found another way to highlight the problem.

  Young moose plays in sprinkler

Is there anything better than a cool sprinkler on a hot summer's day?

  Raw: Hailstorm buries Guadalajara, Mexico

The sight of feet of hail in Jalisco stunned people.

  A hive with thousands of bees was found inside a Louisville home

Instead of destroying the insects, one local company saved the colony.

  VIDEO; World record Longhorn Steer in Alabama

  Wednesday's Midday Wild Wednesday Interview 06-26-19

  KFC is launching a Cheetos chicken sandwich across America

Fried chicken + Cheetos = KFC's newest menu item

  Boy with machete fends off home intruder

  Raw: Blackout keeps Argentina in the dark

Argentina is still in the dark after massive power outage in the entire country.

  Flesh eating bacteria

  Bear destroys car in search of food

Police said bears in the Lake Tahoe area have learned to open car doors.

  Dog and baby deer become best friends

The family spotted the fawn walking across the yard and went outside to take pictures. Their dog Captain decided to play with the baby deer.