Lack of justices causes no vote on ordinance for internet access

Updated: Jul. 29, 2020 at 7:22 AM CDT
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MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - Four appropriation ordinances were supposed to go in front of the Mississippi County Quorum Court Tuesday night, but not enough justices showed up for a vote to be taken.

Only seven of the county’s 11 justices were in attendance for their monthly meeting.

One resolution was on the agenda, which was approved, but four appropriation ordinances were not discussed.

One of the ordinances is for money to help bring internet access to students in the Rivercrest School District.

During last week’s finance committee meeting, Rivercrest Superintendent Sally Bennett asked justices for help with internet access for students in her district.

That money would be used to set up internet access points at five city hall locations in the district.

The access points would be available for students who do not have internet access to utilize if they plan to attend school virtually or if the schools were to close.

Justices on the committee voted to approve the appropriation and sent that to the full quorum court for their decision.

Other appropriation ordinances on the agenda included a JAG grant for the sheriff’s office, funds the energy & property committee voted to appropriate for the construction project at the Blytheville courthouse, and an appropriation for an equipment lease.

Justices in attendance said they would try and meet later this week with enough justices to vote on the appropriation ordinances.

We will keep you updated on when justices will try and meet.

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