Family of Amazon murder victim hires attorney Ben Crump

Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 5:54 PM CDT
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HORN LAKE, Miss. (KAIT) – The family of a woman shot and killed at an Amazon warehouse in Mississippi has hired attorney Ben Crump.

On June 3, Ebony Crockett was killed when she was shot in the back parking lot of an Amazon Fulfillment Center she worked at in Horn Lake.

The suspect in the shooting, Corey Brewer, was shot and killed by Memphis police. They confirmed Brewer and Crockett knew each other as employees of Amazon.

According to Crump, Brewer was previously fired for sexual harassment and had been stalking Crockett. He said Brewer was waiting in the parking lot for more than two hours before shooting Crockett.

In a statement, Crump says a lack of security contributed to Crockett’s death.

“The death of Ebony Crockett is tragic in a number of different ways. Ebony went through all of the appropriate avenues to protect herself from this disturbed man, only to be killed by him as she was leaving her workplace due to Amazon’s lack of security measures. Amazon, a company worth hundreds of billions of dollars, is responsible for protecting its guests from imminent danger. Ebony’s killer had come on the Amazon property weeks before her death to harass her, and complaints were made to management – the warning signs were there. Why was Brewer able to come back on the property after his firing and Amazon management being notified of his continued harassment of Ebony to ultimately kill her?”

Attorney Ben Crump

The family of Crockett told Region 8 News they have no comment at this time, as they’re focusing on burying their loved one. We have also reached out to Amazon and the office of Ben Crump for further comment.

Region 8 News will continue to follow this developing story and give you the latest details.

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